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The cities of the future are being built, day after day, before our eyes. Their evolution is so rapid that the very term smart cities no longer seems suitable to define them. The Internet and in particular the "Internet of Things" segment enters physical space and changes the life lived within city spaces.

The term smart city tries to give a name to this rapid evolution which favors the creation of participatory models that move from shared mobility to energy consumption, to the sharing of work spaces but more generally shared urban planning.

The future of augmented cities is written through data, the immense amount of information that each of us generates through location tracking, purchasing habits, personal preferences.

This data, which is too often confused with an invasion of privacy, is and will be used to formulate new city models which will see the participation of ordinary citizens, research centres, startups and businesses, to increase the scope of the services offered. Technology and participatory models.

An avant-garde example is the Icelandic capital which provides citizens with a platform where they can communicate directly with the public administration to present ideas on city services and activities.