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Artificial intelligence represents the present and future of technology, also thanks to its multiple areas of application and use, which include various sectors, including Hospitality and Real Estate. Artificial intelligence is the future and the driver capable of revolutionizing and offering increasingly client-oriented services and increasingly intelligent management of workspaces. In the technological field, the digital era guarantees the ability to access and use information anywhere and at any time, and to resort to the support of digital assistants for management operations and increase the productivity of human resources. And it is precisely from this assumption that AlphaHuman was born, the artificial intelligence prototype presented on November 24th during the "Augmented Cities" event, of which Cofoundry is the testimonial and promoter. A Tailor made product suited to the needs of the Hospitality world. Alphahuman (first prototype) integrates metahuman, artificial intelligence and home automation, using conversational AI and what remains the most powerful, useful and effective relational communication tool: natural language, without using keyboards or pressing access on monitors. Let's give an example of what has been produced for Cofoundry, which is absolutely scalable and reproducible for all companies, following the single Business model. Booking meeting rooms, organizing coffee breaks or requesting some of the services offered by Cofoundry becomes a reliable, collaborative and highly personal experience, without resorting to the use of apps or web interfaces. AlphaHuman, in fact, does not limit himself to speaking: he listens, sees, understands, learns, interacts and empathizes, responding empathetically to every request 24/365 days, thanks to his multiple processing and learning capabilities, thus establishing an empathetic relationship, which goes well beyond the simple question-answer.

If we extend the reflection to the real estate sector, we cannot help but evaluate how AlphaHuman can become an interesting and innovative element for the management of real estate spaces, following the path of Augmented Cities with institutional and private spaces and environments that follow the 'market trend; according to some estimates, the Italian Artificial Intelligence market will go from a value of 860 million euros in 2021 to 1.1 billion in 2022, reaching 1.4 billion euros in 2023 (source Assintel Report) and 5% of Italian companies - in particular Big Company - will invest in AI.
The new artificial intelligence prototype could perform various tasks, including showing the internal availability of properties for a given company that belongs to the real estate world, illustrating services and structures located near the interested area or, again, describing the intrinsic characteristics of the properties.

AlphaHuman emphasizes human-machine collaboration, establishing an empathetic and mutual exchange relationship between the two realities, based on emotional interaction. It therefore becomes a tool at the service of people, an important support for human activities which in no way intends to diminish or undermine the human contribution, but which aims to offer a unique and strongly dedicated experience to each individual customer, supporting them in the best possible way. And today, thanks to technology, this is not only possible, but crucial to facing the challenges that a market, increasingly rich in offer, imposes.